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Revolutionizing School Rides

We're revolutionizing the school commute through cutting-edge technology. Experience safer, smarter, and smoother rides for your little ones.

Piccup: Where Every School Journey Begins

Piccup redefines the way your child travels to school. Our innovative school transportation app is designed to provide parents with peace of mind and children with a safe, enjoyable ride. From easy bus requests to real-time tracking, Piccup ensures every trip is seamless, secure, and super convenient.

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Real-Time Child Tracking

Never wonder about your child's whereabouts again. Our real-time GPS tracking lets you see your child's journey from start to finish, giving you total peace of mind.

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Effortless Ride Requests

Book your child's ride to school with just a few taps. Our intuitive interface makes requesting school rides completely hassle-free.

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Advanced Safety Features

Safety is our top priority. We guarantee a secure environment for every child through stringent measures, including background-verified drivers and supervisors, comprehensive driver training, and rigorous vehicle inspections.

Piccup: Smart School Transport, Redefined

Piccup brings a revolutionary approach to school transportation, designed to offer parents peace of mind and children a safe, enjoyable ride to school.

  • Affordable Packages

    We believe in quality service that’s accessible to all. Piccup offers a range of affordable packages tailored to meet different needs and budgets, ensuring every child has a safe ride to school.

  • Flexible Subscription Renewals

    Keep your child’s ride secure with easy subscription renewals. Choose from a variety of payment methods including credit/debit cards, online banking, Fawry, and digital wallets for utmost convenience.

  • Direct Chat with the Supervisor

    Stay connected and communicate directly with the bus supervisor during your child's ride. Ask questions, share important information, and receive updates all through the app.

  • Customized Alerts and Notifications

    Receive timely alerts about pick-up times, bus arrivals, and any changes to the schedule directly through the app. Customizable notifications keep you informed every step of the way.

Unlock Smart School Commutes Today!

Step into the future of school transportation with our innovative app! Signing up is a breeze—just 30 seconds and you’re on your way. Download the app now, create your account and enjoy secure and seamless journey for your loved ones.

Hear from Happy Piccup Parents

Discover how Piccup is changing the game in school transportation, directly from our community of satisfied parents and guardians.

  • I really want to thank Piccup team for the system and quick response as they upgraded my package without any extra fees just to keep our satisfaction and whenever we have issue and try to reach them they always here and efficient solutions all the way thanks again we trust you keep the great high level of service and quality.

    Mohamed Adel Hanafy
  • فالاول كان فيه لغبطة بس المبهر و اللي فعلا طمني سرعتهم فالحل و حرصهم على الاولاد و راحتهم اكتر من اي حاجة حتى بعد تغيير كواليتي الباصات مطلبوش اي زيادة والتزموا بالعقد بجد ابليكشن محترم و امان اكتر من باص المدرسة بمراحل ياريت يستمروا و يفضلوا على نفس المستوى و ربنا يحمي ولادنا 🌹🌹

    أحمد فتحي
  • بصراحه شركه محترمه جدااا و اي مشكله بتحصل بتتحل فورا و الاولاد مبسوطين جدا و المشرفه بتخاف عليهم جدااا ميس منه الجميله اللي بتعامل الاولاد زي ولادها واكتر أن شاء الله السنه جايه يكون معاكم زين وكمان أخته و بشكرك تاني علي سرعه حل اي مشكله بتضايقنا

    منه أحمد

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

  • How do I sign up for Piccup?

    You can sign up for Piccup by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and following the registration steps.

  • Is Piccup available in my area?

    Piccup is currently available only in Alexandria and Al Agamy.

  • How do I request a ride with Piccup?

    To request a ride, simply open the Piccup app, enter your child information, and choose the package that best suits your needs. Then, confirm your request and wait for a customer support to accept.

  • What safety measures does Piccup have in place?

    Piccup prioritizes the safety of our passengers and drivers. We conduct background checks on all drivers, provide in-app GPS tracking for parents, and have a support team available 24/7 to handle any issues.

  • How can I pay for my Piccup rides?

    Piccup accepts various payment methods including credit/debit cards, online banking, Fawry, and digital wallets.

  • Can I schedule rides in advance with Piccup?


  • What should I do if I have a problem with my Piccup ride?

    If you encounter any issues during your ride, such as delays or concerns about safety, please contact our customer support team immediately through the app for assistance.

  • How can I become a Piccup driver?

    To become a Piccup driver, you can apply through our website or contact our driver support team. We have certain requirements and a screening process for all potential drivers.

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